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Burning Books Featured in Artvoice’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!

Posted by Leslie Pickering on

Re-posted from Artvoice:


“Frack-Off!” T-shirt

Show your support for the anti-fracking movement by sporting an organic, made-in-the-USA “Frack Off” t-shirt available from West Side bookstore Burning Books. $20 (420 Connecticut Street, Buffalo).

Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar

We’re lucky to have a number of great, non-chain new and used book stores in town—including, but not limited to: Talking Leaves (951 Elmwood and 3158 Main Street); Rust Belt Books (202 Allen); Westside Stories (205 Grant St.); and Old Editions Bookshop & Gallery (74 East Huron St.).

Then, in a zone all its own is Burning Books (420 Connecticut Street). To call the place “left-leaning” is to miss the point—they are beyond left or right. Here you’ll find books about anarchism, the Black Panther Party, the Earth Liberation Front, and a bunch of other literature that addresses everything from radical feminism to hydrofracking.

The store frequently hosts controversial speakers who bring unique perspectives that are unheard of through the mainstream media. Burning Books also sells t-shirts and stickers that let the world know where you stand on certain issues. The place is a bastion of free speech in an increasingly tight-lipped world.

A great Christmas gift idea is the Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar, which features 42 pages of art and writings addressing the plight of political prisoners everywhere. ($12).