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Punks Around #13 - Straight Edge

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Edited by Alex Herbert

Alex Herbert

2021, zine

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Punks Around is a fanzine dedicated to creative writing and independent art of all forms. Each issue focuses on a specific theme and tries to capture a variety of voices, perspectives, and modes of expression.

"Straight Edge" is an issue that presents interviews, personal narratives, and other perspectives on straight edge culture in the punk scene.

"Straight edge. What is it? More importantly, what is it to you? It's a personalized ideology, but when you think deeper, it's just a guideline what? To me, it's a weapon. It's always been a weapon and it's always with me. It's an identity when you need one. It's for those who need something to believe in. It's there to help YOU believe in YOU." -- DJ Butler

This issue features contributions from Nancy Barile, Reverend Hank Pierce, Charles McKay, DJ Butler, Tony Rettman, Gabriel Kuhn, and more.