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Cyclical Notebook: A Blank & Lined Journal for Expansion

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by Rachael Amber

Cycles Journal

2021, hardcover

160 pages, 6"x9"

SKU: 9781735712710

Record you inner state as your writing flows into this outer space.

A blank & lined notebook/sketchbook to hold your writing, ideas, expansions, releases alongside your inner & outer cycle reference points.

Use this space as an independent notebook or journal, or in conjunction with Cycles Journal to expand on an entry with more space.

This is no ordinary notebook!

This space will prompt you to record not only the date of each entry, but also the phase the moon was in, your inner or outer season (menstrual cycle phase or Earth's season), your inner or outer weather (your mood or the actual weather), and more. With plenty open space to hold your inner wisdom & creations.

Cycles Notebook is just as high quality as Cycles Journal, but it serves a different purpose on your healing journey. 

About the Artist:

Rachael Amber (she/they) is an illustrator, designer, writer, activist, plant-lover and green witch based in Philadelphia but recently moved to the mountains of New Hampshire. She creates art to raise environmental awareness, social justice, healing and radical self-care. She creates this annual lunar & menstrual tracking journal out of the heart- driven desire to empower us to connect deeper to ourselves and our cycles, and to overcome the negative stigma surrounding our magic.