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Against the God Emperor: The Anarchist Treason Trials in Japan

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by Stefan Anarkowic

Kate Sharpley Library


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If we can recognize the methods of repression in Japan as being the same as those which we have to suffer, than we have the possibility of understanding them, so as to combat them both physically, mentally, and spiritually. To know the enemy and to know the rules of the game are important; not only to survive, but also to stand some chance of defeating the enemy. Hence this pamphlet is designed to show some of the methods or dirty tricks of the Japanese state...

This movement deserves to be better known than it is, and clearly stands as one of the finest in Anarchist and Revolutionary history.. Despite being separated by time (80 years), space (a different continent) and culture (language), the recognition that their lives and struggles are the same as ours is sufficient to demonstrate that we do form part of the same struggle and movement.

If their struggle is the same as our struggle today, then this also indicates that what we are struggling against is still the same: injustice and tyranny. That the State and capitalism, despite undergoing important structural changes are fundamentally the same, and that we are the present representatives of a movement that has no frontier, or cultural limits.