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The Insiders

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by Mark Oshiro


09/21/2021, hardcover

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Three kids who don't belong. A room that shouldn't exist. A year that will change everything.

Perfect for fans of Rebecca Stead and Meg Medina, this debut middle grade novel from award-winning author Mark Oshiro is a hopeful and heartfelt coming-of-age story for anyone who's ever felt like they didn't fit in.

San Francisco and Orangevale may be in the same state, but for Héctor Muñoz, they might as well be a million miles apart. Back home, being gay didn't mean feeling different. At Héctor's new school, he couldn't feel more alone.

Most days, Héctor just wishes he could disappear. And he does. Right into the janitor's closet. (Yes, he sees the irony). But one day, when the door closes behind him, Héctor discovers he's stumbled into a room that shouldn't be possible. A room that connects him with two new friends from different corners of the country -- and opens the door to a life-changing year full of friendship, adventure, and just a little bit of magic.

Target age: 9 to 12


"Sometimes hilarious, sometimes devastating, but always full of heart, The Insiders carves out a space for us all to be our true selves." -- Kwame Mbalia, New York Times bestselling author of Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky

"A transportive and magical world made for kids who are true to themselves and misfits at heart. Mark Oshiro's debut middle grade is a must-read!" -- Zoraida Córdova, award-winning author of Labyrinth Lost and The Way to Rio Luna

"A classic in the making." -- Dhonielle Clayton, New York Times bestselling author of The Belles

About the Author:

Mark Oshiro is the award-winning author of the YA books Anger Is a Gift and Each of Us a Desert. When they are not writing, they are busy trying to fulfill their lifelong goal of petting every dog in the world. The Insiders is their middle grade debut.