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The Ricardo Levins Morales Liberation Calendar 2022

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by Ricardo Levins Morales

2021, staple-bound

SKU: 9780979610486


The 6th year of the Ricardo Levins Morales Liberation Calendar is a striking celebration of resistance, resilience, hope and power. Packed with Ricardo’s original art and historical dates, each page is a fertile soil of past and present struggles, migrations, songs, traditions, lessons and laughter. What history will it help you make this year?

The RLM Liberation Wall Calendar is great for hanging up in your classroom, office, above your kitchen table, or anywhere you help make change happen. It makes a great gift for colleagues and comrades.

About the Artist:

Ricardo Levins Morales is an artist and organizer based in Minneapolis. He uses his art as a form of political medicine to support individual and collective healing from the injuries and ongoing reality of oppression.