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Shelter: A Squatumentary

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by Hannah Dobbs

Kill Normal

2008, 45 min., DVD

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In economically turbulent times, rent and home-ownership have become unaffordable at best and impossible at worst. Thus, people all over the world continue a long tradition of reclaiming this basic human right by squatting. Shelter: A Squatumentary is a documentary film that explores the squatting movement in the East Bay from 2004 to 2007. We follow three examples of the struggle for housing in an unaffordable marketplace such as the San Francisco Bay Area. Hellarity House, Banana House, and Power Machine are stories of squatters who have found the tentative solution to the ongoing housing crisis.

"A warm and wry look at the tough circumstances confronting people who try and squeeze out a space for squatting in today's America." - Chris Carisson, Author of Nowtopia (AK Press)