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Somos Una America: Shut Down the School of Americas

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by School Of America's Watch


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Somos Una America is the story of people from across the Americas, who are united in their struggle against the Pentagon mindset that is promoting U.S. domination and "military solutions" in the Western Hemisphere.

The film provides background on the School of the Americas and the campaign to shut it down, and then Somos Una America moves further: the film puts a spotlight on U.S. militarization and features the voices of a rising hemisphere-wide anti-militarization movement.

Fast-paced and energetic, Somos Una America brings together images from protest actions against U.S. bases in Colombia, the Encuentro of the Americas in Venezuela, and the April 2011 direct action at the White House in DC. The film includes: footage of the 2009 SOA graduate-led coup in Honduras, the 2002 coup attempt in Venezuela, and interviews with activists in the front-lines of the resistance. Filmed and edited by Argentine filmmaker Gabriela Uassouf over the course of the past year, Somos Una America offers a hopeful outlook and illustrates the power of the people as we work together to build a new world. But wait! There's more! Besides the 25 minute bilingual documentary film, the DVD also features more than an hour of excellent bonus material, including Tom Bottolene's documentary NO MAS! The 20th Annual Sunday Vigil and Tomas Laffay's 14 minute film Today was a Victory / Hoy Fue Una Victoria, which focuses on the November Vigil as a rallying point and a place to network for many grassroots organizations struggling for social justice in our Americas.