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by Ted Rall

Seven Stories Press

2016, paperback

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Only an outsider can change the system from the inside.

As a kid growing up in Brooklyn, Bernie Sanders was surrounded by grinding poverty that turned families against each other as they scrimped and saved to pay their bills.

Bernie saw politics as his chance to give a decent life to everyone, not just those born into wealth or the lucky few who hit it big. But the Democratic Party and the country overall were moving to the right.

Bernie joined a tiny independent party from Vermont. He ran for mayor.

As a socialist. And won.

That was the beginning.

About the Author:

Twice the winner of the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award and a Pulitzer Prize finalist, Ted Rall is a radical syndicated political cartoonist, opinion columnist, graphic novelist, and occasional war correspondent whose work has appeared in hundreds of publications, including the "New York Times," "Washington Post," "Village Voice," and "Los Angeles Times." For Seven Stories Press, he is the illustrator of the full-length comic Billionaires & Ballot Bandits: How to Steal an Election in 9 Easy Steps, written by Greg Palast, and the author and illustrator of The Book of Obama, The Anti-American Manifesto and After We Kill You, We Will Welcome You Back as Honored Guests. His most recent book is Snowden.