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The Bolivian Diary: Authorized Edition ( Che Guevara Publishing Project )

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by Ernesto Che Guevara and Camilo Guevara

Ocean Press

9/1/2008, paperback

SKU: 9781920888244


This book tells of the last doomed eleven months of the most courageous and dedicated revolutionary of the 20th century. First published in Cuba in 1968 in a free edition of 250,000 copies, it has since become a classic.

With its terse and simple prose, "Bolivian Diary is a unique account of the guerrilla's lonely fight against armies, mountains, jungles, hunger, disease and death. And the reader's knowledge of Guevara's fate makes the book an even more moving record of the guerrillas' day-to-day suffering and bravery.


"Thanks to Che's invariable habit of noting the main events of each day, we have rigorously exact, priceless and detailed information on the heroic final moments of his life in Bolivia."--Fidel Castro

About the Contibutors:

Che Guevara was the legendary Latin American guerrilla fighter who joined the Cuban revolutionary movement that toppled the Batista dictatorship. He played a leading role in the early years of the Cuban Revolution and made an extraordinary and original contribution to Marxist theory. He died at the hands of CIA assassins in Bolivia in 1967.

Camilo Guevara (preface) is 42 years old and is Che Guevara's and Aleida March's eldest son. He has written an insightful preface for this new edition.