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Brian the Dancing Lion

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by Tom Tin-Disbury

Capstone Press

02/01/2022, hardcover

SKU: 9781684464241


Brian the Lion loves dancing, but lions are meant to be brave and strong and fierce. Nobody would think a dancing lion was brave or strong or fierce. But when Brian finds out about a big dancing competition, he decides it's time to prove everyone wrong! Tom Tinn-Disbury tears apart any lingering notions of gender (and lion) stereotypes in this musical picture book, showcasing the importance of believing in yourself, trusting your friends, and dancing at every opportunity.

Target age: 4 to 7

About the Author: 

Tom Tin-Disbury is an illustrator and author who resides in Rugby, Warwickshire. Brian the Dancing Lion will be his fourth picture book as author and illustrator. Tom has been practicing his dancing in front of the mirror in order to get Brian's moves just right.