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The Corporate Contol of Life

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by Vandana Shiva

Hatje Cantz Publishers


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Indian physicist and activist Vandana Shiva (*1952) demonstrates in a matter-of-fact way how corporations gain control over our lives. The patenting of life—from bacteria and plants to cloned animals with certain genetic characteristics—implies the reification and commercialization of life. An agreement of the World Trade Organization allows corporations to patent nearly everything we can imagine. One of the repercussions is biopiracy, the reclaiming of ancient traditional use and breeding of plants as the corporations’ own “invention,” as Shiva shows through the examples of the neem tree and basmati rice. The monopolization of seeds has forced farmers in large parts of India into dependence on corporations, which undermines the farmers’ basis of living.

Number 012 in the 100 Notes - 100 Thoughts/100 Notizen - 100 Gedanken series.