N'Drea: One Woman's Fight To Die Her Own Way

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by Andréa Dorea

Eberhardt Press


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Andréa (N’Dréa) was involved with Os Cangaceiros, a group of social rebels who refused the slavery of work and mercilessly attacked the prison system of France in the 1980s and '90s. In 1985, she learned that she had cancer. After surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment, she walked out of the medical world for good. N'Dréa explains that decision with intelligence, anger and joy. It is a powerful condemnation of the medical industry, a passionate analysis of the society of the commodity and its destruction of the human individual, and a personal expression of one woman’s decision to live her life fully and to die on her own terms among those she loved, in defiance of a society that steals both our lives and deaths away.