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Osceola: 1804-1838

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by Rachael A. Koestler-Grack

Blue Earth Books

2003, hardcover

SKU: 978073812113


Discusses the life of Seminole warrior Osceola, from his childhood in an Upper Creek village to his involvement in the Second Seminole War, capture, and death. 

From Children's Bookwatch:

The American Indian Biographies series is an impressive collection of nonfiction portraits that combine museum quality color illustrations with simple informative text crafted specifically for young readers and telling the stories of a number of famous Native American leaders and individuals who lived before the twentieth century. Each title provides children with an honest, direct, informative portrait showcasing the life of legendary Native American figure and just how their actions left their mark on American history down to the present day, the individual installments in this very highly recommended series for school and community library Native American Studies collections include Tecumseh 1768-1813 and Osceola 1804-1838 by Rachael A. Koester-Grack; Sitting Bull 1831-1890 and Crazy Horse 1842-1877 by Anne M. Todd; Pocahontas 1595-1617 by Liz Sonneborn; and Sacagawea 1788-1812 by Rosemary Wallner. All of these outstanding titles are straightforward, well presented, and excellent introductions to Native American history for young readers. March 1, 2004