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Paul Robeson: Words Like Freedom

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Paul Robeson

Freedom Archives

2008, CD

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With this CD, Freedom Archives introduces you to rare spoken words of the great Paul Robeson, illuminating a side of this amazing man's personality and politics that has too often been suppressed. Robeson saw it as his responsibility to speak the truth about conditions both domestic and abroad knowing that his fame would allow these messages to be more widely heard. He was also deeply aware of the consequences and faced the official repression against him with dignity and courage.

Embodied in Paul Robeson's character and contributions is a message for coming generations that is usually whitewashed, even in sympathetic portrayals. At its core, Robeson's message is one of militant, uncompromising resistance to racism, oppression, and tyranny - a "must keep fighting" spirit, even in the face of repression and the threat of death. On this CD you'll hear Robeson express this deeply rooted radicalism in great love for his own African-American people, their culture, and their revolutionary contributions, and you'll hear it articulated in solidarity with poor and oppressed peoples and nations the world over.

Produced by Sele Nadel-Hayes and Patricia Hemphill, with Lincoln Bergman, Emiliano Echeverria, Claude Marks, all from The Freedom Archives, as well as Bonnie Weiss of the Bay Area Paul Robeson Centennial Committee. Sound production, Greg & Camilo Landau, with the music of Babatunde Lea.

Booklet design adapted by Lisa Roth from a painting by Miranda Bergman, entitled Keeps On Rollin' & with the gifted hand and craft of Lisa Roth.