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People's War...Women's War? Two Texts By Comrade Parvati Of The Communist Party Of Nepal (Maoist) With Commentary By Butch Lee

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by Comrade Parvati



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A look at women's role in the Nepalese Revolution, and the relationship of women to Maoism and revolution in general. The two main texts in this pamphlet are reprints of essays by Comrade Parvati, one of the few women in the central committee of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). In her interview with People's March, and her essay The Question of Women's Leadership in People's War in Nepal, Parvati is refreshingly critical and honest in her appraisal of the role of women in the CPN(M)'s peasant guerilla army, drawing conclusions regarding the connections between patriarchy and the defeat and degeneration of past communist revolutions, and the centrality of women to any successful communist revolution. Commenting on these texts, North American Amazon theorist Butch Lee examines the mixed record of Marxism-Leninism and Maoism in regards to women's liberation, the role of women in armed struggle, and the role of armed struggle in winning and defending freedom and autonomy for women and children.