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Policing the National Body: Race, Gender, and Criminalization

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by Jael Silliman and Anannya Bhatacharjee

South End Press


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A Project of the Committee on Women, Population and the Environment.

One of the key concerns among women of color and poor communities today is the difficulty of sustaining families in the face of increasing criminalization. Aggressive law enforcement, welfare reform, and draconian immigration and population policies have made one of the most fundamental reproductive rights-the right to have a child and raise a family-a battleground for women of color and poor women. Policing the National Body places issues of race, class, and gender at the center of the reproductive rights and social justice agenda. This timely collection reveals the unrelenting efforts by conservatives - including misguided environmentalists and religious fundamentalists - to define and regulate reproduction in ways that uphold white privilege. In the wake of September 11, as aggressive law enforcement has escalated, this important collection provides ammunition to combat the erosion of civil liberties.

Contributors Include:

Jael Silliman; Anannya Bhattacharjee; Judith A.M. Scully; Cynthia Chandler; Carol Kingery; Marlene Gerber Fried; Andrea Smith; Loretta J. Ross; Sarah L. Brownlee; Dazon Dixon Diallo; Luz Rodriguez; SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Project; Syd Lindsley; H. Patricia Hynes; Janice G. Raymond; Anne Hendrixson; Betsy Hartmann; Rajani Bhatia

Afterward by Angela Davis.