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Students For a Democratic Society and the Weather Underground Organization

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by David Gilbert

Abraham Guillen Press


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SDS/WUO is an insightful look at the Students For A Democratic Society (SDS) and the Weather Underground (WUO), two important political organizations in the history of the american white left. It points out their contributions while not glossing over their mistakes and weaknesses. SDS grew to become a large white radical student movement against the Vietnam war in the sixties, while the WUO, a splinter group of SDS, tried to move "from protest to resistance" by carrying out clandestine actions against U.S. imperialism from 1970-76.

Written by a participant, the author David Gilbert was a member of the Columbia University chapter of SDS in New York City and was a key participant in the large student strike and occupation of 1968. He joined the WUO when it was formed and continued as a member until its collapse in 1976. He has been a political prisoner since the failed Brinks expropriation in 1981 by a unit of the Black Liberation Army.

Includes first WUO communique, and SDS/WUO chronology.