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The German Guerrilla: Terror, Reaction, Resistance

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by Jean-Marcel Bougereau

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The story of Hans Joachim Klein and his experience of clandestine armed struggle as a member of the Revolutionary Cells. It is not a romanticized view in any aspect, instead he shows how the tactics involved in armed struggle can overcome one's ethics and politics. Through interview Klein shows how the necessities of secrecy, disconnection with the world outside the guerrilla circle, opportunistic alliances, and life by the gun creates a mind set counter to the individual's original theory, ideals, and politics.

The Moabit Gang of Four of the June 2nd Movement offers some of their own insight into the aspects of armed struggle and illegality and how those actions brought about new repressive laws that trickled down to effect the more or less legal dissident movements, and in turn how some use the differences of legal and illegal to create an "us and them" mentality which prevents discussion and evolution of thought and action.

The Red Army Faction (RAF) provides their own philosophy in regards to being an urban guerrilla group, legality and illegality, the repression of supporters, illegalizing of ideas, and the inhumane treatment of prisoners.