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The War at Home

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by Glenn Silber & Barry Alexander Brown

First Run Features

1979, 100 minutes, DVD

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Nominated for an Academy Award and widely considered one of the most important political films ever made, THE WAR AT HOME vividly chronicles the anti-war protest movement of the 1960s and 70s. The film provides an illuminating look at the home front of the Vietnam War - the war that students and other anti-war dissidents waged on America's political system, military and notions of patriotism.

Through a powerful combination of rare archival footage and interviews with students, community leaders, Vietnam Veterans, and participants from all points of view, THE WAR AT HOME shows how the anti-war movement grew into a genuine people's revolt in tandem with the escalation of war in Vietnam.

*Note, from Burning Books - This film features extensive coverage of the 1970 bombing of the Army Mathematics Research Center in Sterling Hall at the University of Wisconsin in Madison by New Year's Gang members Karleton Armstrong, Dwight Armstrong, David Fine, and Leo Burt.