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Venezuela: Revolution From the Inside Out

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by Clifton Ross

PM Press


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Venezuela: Revolution from the Inside Out is a voyage into Latin America's most exciting experiment of the new millennium, exploring the history and projects of the Bolivarian Revolution through interviews with a range of its participants, from academics to farm workers and those living in the margins of Caracas. This introduction to the "revolucion bonita" ("pretty revolution") offers in-depth interviews, unforgettable images and a lively soundtrack that will open new vistas onto this hopeful human project.

As he totes his camera on bus and car trips all over Venezuela, director Clifton Ross becomes our tour guide through the Bolivarian Revolution. He sweeps us through its history and takes us to its works-in-progress on the ground. These schools, rural lending banks and cooperatives weave the fabric of Venezuela's "Socialism of the 21st Century." They show its failures and successes, its warp and woof. Through it all runs the frayed but unbreakable thread of a people in struggle.

Extras Include: Meeting Chavez (10 minutes) and Message to the North American People (12 minutes).

Featuring: Dr. Steve Ellner, Universidad de Oriente, Puerto La Cruz; Jose Sant Roz, Universidad Socialista del Pueblo, Merida; Jutta Schmitt, Universidad de los Andes, Merida; Christene DeJong, Center for Latin American Studies, University of California, Berkeley; Roger Burbach, Director of the Center for the Study of the Americas, Berkeley, CA.