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Ferguson resident, turned crusader, speaks in Buffalo

Posted by Leslie Pickering on

The road between Ferguson, Missouri and Buffalo is getting a little more crowded. A protest rally was held Sunday night in a Connecticut Street bookstore.

With Buffalo police cars parked outside and others cruising by, activists talked inside Burning Books, a frequent meeting place for radical causes. It was to hear from Emmaculate Jones, a member of Black Souljahz and a neighbor in Ferguson of Michael Brown, a black teenager killed by a white police officer in August.

Jones met with several Buffalo residents in Ferguson who invited him to come and talk about his home city. Jones says the shooting turned him into an activist against police and violence and in search of a better life for all.

"I'm out here doing it and my brother is out here doing it and my sister is out here doing it. I don't follow Martin Luther King's ideology. I believe that time has come for total liberation. This isn't just a black thing. It's the 99 against the one percent," Jones said.

Others at the meeting say they are seeking change in a variety of ways including an end to police violence against dogs in households.

A watching police officer told a lawyer affiliated with the New York Civil Liberties Union he was detailed to the location, as his patrol car idled on Connecticut Street.