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"Burning Books exemplifies the sort of undertaking essential to the survival of critical consciousness in this society. Every community worthy of the name needs at least one such locus of sociopolitical/intellectual ferment. The efforts of its instigators to not only continue but expand and amplify their activities are deserving of all possible support." - Ward Churchill



Burning Books is a radical bookstore in Buffalo, NY. We opened in September of 2009 on the anniversary of the Attica prison uprising.

Our bookstore has a highly curated selection of books that focus on social justice issues, including our Children's, Middle Grade and Young Adult sections. While we cover a range of specific issues, our approach is largely intersectional and we believe in the interconnectedness of movements, tactics and history. We also carry posters, games and gift items - all following our mission of social justice and sustainability.

We are happy to be a partner of - and the main distributor for - the Certain Days Freedom for Political Prisoners yearly calendar, which acts as a major fundraiser for U.S. Political Prisoner support across the country.

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