Smash the System!: Punk Anarchism as a Culture of Resistance

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Edited by Jim Donaghey, Will Boisseau, and Caroline Kaltefleiter

Active Distribution

10/2022, paperback

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Four hundred and thirty-four pages of essays from all over the world about how anarchist punk has influenced and inspired resistance in many varied struggles. Punk and anarchism have been intertwined since punk first blasted into the public consciousness some 45 years ago. While the relationship is complicated (and not ubiquitous), anarchism has been identified as punk’s ‘primary political companion’.  But, close investigation of the connections between anarchism and punk has been scant – it’s either taken-for-granted, lurks in the background of other topics of analysis, or is ignored completely. We are going to change that!

This is the first in a series of books to be published by Active Distribution about various aspects of the punk/anarchism relationship.