Introduction to African Civilizations

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by Willis N. Huggins and John G. Jackson

Black Classic Press

04/06/1999, paperback

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Timely, relevant, and illuminating, this essential book by respected cultural historian, teacher, and author John G. Jackson sheds long overdue light on standard Eurocentric and distorting approaches to the history of Africa from early African civilizations to Africa's significance in world history.

With brilliantly objective scholarship, respected historian and author John G. Jackson reexamines the outdated, racist, and Westernized history of Africa that is still taught in schools, and presents one infinitely more rich, colorful, varied -- and truthful. Challenging the standard dehumanizing and exploitive approaches to African history, from the dawn of prehistory to the resurgent Africa of today -- including the portrayal of Africans as "savages" who ultimately benefitted from European enslavement with its "blessings of Christian civilization" -- Jackson confronts the parochial historian, devastates the theoretical pretensions of white supremacists, and expands intellectual horizons.

Accessible and informed, fascinating and candid, Introduction to African Civilizations is an important historical guide that will enhance antiracist teachings for the general reader and the scholar alike.

About the Authors:

John G. Jackson was a highly respected historian and author. He lived and taught for many years in Chicago.

Willis N. Huggins was a historian and social activist. He was one of the earliest proponents of teaching African and African-American history in American schools.