On Organizing Urban Guerilla Units

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by Don Cox

The Rookery Press

2023, paperback

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On Organizing Urban Guerrilla Units was written by former Black Panther Party Field Marshall Donald Cox, known as D.C. to his comrades. This work was penned in 1970 and was and still is pivotal study material for the learning revolutionary. This text provides a comprehensive account of the analysis, strategies and techniques synthesized by Field Marshall D.C. during his career as a freedom fighter before, during, and after his time within the BPP cadre.

This text is essentially extinct within the movement and any physical copies existing are predominately within the hands of the white academic, who aims to profit off of its rarity by selling it at prices of over $100, based on The Rookery's investigations. The Rookery aims to undermine this abuse by recirculating this text at an affordable rate, primarily for the benefit of Black comrades. It is imperative that this text be circulated once again amongst genuinely revolutionary study groups who will develop wisdom from it scientifically and as a cadre. This text is not an encouragement to violence, and instead is meant to serve as educational and research material.

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