Biocentric Anarchy

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2016, pamphlet

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Written in 2016 by a person who has considered herself an anarchist and vegan for over a decade this pamphlet is neither a fully-fledged theory nor a critical perspective. Instead, it is a personal text intended to spark thought and discussion.

From the pamphlet:

“...biocentric anarchy is a way of challenging ourselves to deepen our understanding of ourselves as animals and reconnect with our non-human cousins. It propels us to reorient our ideas and practices as anarchists so as to place equal importance on the liberation of non-human life from the clutches of anthropocentrism and capitalism, as we do people from the forces of domination. This echoes a recent trend among anarchist projects of a more ecological and anti-speciesist bent who identify as ‘Total Liberation’ groups, differentiating themselves from mainstream currents within animal rights and challenging other anarchists to make the links between all systems of oppression rather than limiting our concerns to issues that immediately affect our own kind.”