Dennis Flores Interviewed by Jen Hoyer

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by Dennis Flores and Jen Hoyer

Interference Archive

1/2023, booklet

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This zine is part of a series that features transcripts of interviews carried out for the Defend / Defund exhibition at Interference Archive. Each conversation dives into the history of specific struggles with, and organizing against, police and police brutality, including the founding of CopWatch in NYC, the evolution of abolitionism within counter-police organizing, the key organizing role of the families of victims of police violence, the history of Black Nia F.O.R.C.E., and October 22nd Coalition and other early attempts at national organizing in the 1980s and 90s.

Interviews in this series are:
— Mariame Kaba interviewed by Josh MacPhee
— Dennis Flores interviewed by Jen Hoyer
— Dr. Joshua Myers interviewed by Brooke Darrah Shuman
— Dread Scott interviewed by Josh MacPhee
— Occupy City Hall [Jawanza Williams (VOCAL-NY and Free Black Radicals), Cheryl Rivera (NYC-DSA Racial Justice Working Group and Abolition Action), Bianca Cunningham (Free Black Radicals)] interviewed by Brooke Darrah Shuman

More information on the Defend/Defund project HERE.

About the Contributors:

Dennis Flores is a Nuyorican multimedia artist, activist, and educator born and raised in Brooklyn. He co-founded El Grito de Sunset Park and i the lead organizer of the Sunset Park Puerto Rican Day Parade.

Jen Hoyer is an educator, librarian, and archivist.