Re-Organise #1: Power: A Guide for Cooperatives

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10/20/2022, staple-bound booklet

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Re-Organise is a project aimed at promoting alternative ways of organising. Organising differently means critically examining the habits, norms, expectations, and demands of the mainstream ways of doing business and proactively exploring and experimenting with new ones.

This is one small piece of a much larger struggle to help us re-organise not just our organisations, but how we live together as a society.

From the Introduction:

"In this booklet we discuss what power is, where it comes from, and why it is so often problematic. But we will also look at the ways that power can be viewed and used more co-operatively. If you're intersted in thinking about power, you're curious as to how power can be less damaging, or you're seeking to reflect on the forms of power currently present within your organisation, then this booklet is for you."

About the Author:

Re-Organise is developed by the Loughborough University Cooperative Organisation Development Programme (LUCOOP), which brought together academics and cooperative development bodies to produce this and the other booklets in the series.