Trans Futures Now: A Queer Guided Journal on Finding Your Allies, Demanding Liberation, and Using Your Voice

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by Milo Stewart

Tma Press

6/14/2022, paperback

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With Trans Futures Now, YouTuber and social justice activist Milo Stewart compiles stories of trans and nonbinary people to give readers insight into the fight for trans rights. Each chapter shares anecdotes from both Stewart and other creatives of all identities both within and outside the gender binary (Stewart themself being nonbinary), as well as narratives on transgender history, the varied trans liberation experience, and the effects of the gender binary on both cis and transgender communities.

Target age: 14 to 17

About the Author:

Milo Stewart gained a following on their YouTube channel around age 17 because they told stories about living as a nonbinary person, and that gained the attention of conservative media. Taking this reaction as a sign that their story was having an impact by challenging cisnormativity, Milo happily reclaimed the label "Social Justice Warrior" (SJW) and pursued an interest in social justice in their career.

They received a degree in Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies from DePaul University and are receiving a master's degree in Refugee and Forced Migration studies. They are
pursuing a career working with LGBT+ displaced people, and Milo has funneled their academic interests into YouTube, where they integrate reflections on their experiences with gender and sexuality.

They believe in increasing access to trans and queer theory outside of academia, sharing stories of queer experiences that LGBT+ viewers don't get to see elsewhere in media and building community for LGBT+ people of all backgrounds. Milo has had academic writings published in DePaul's undergraduate journal Creating Knowledge and will be presenting a paper at the Neuchâtel Graduate Conference 2021 on Migration and Mobility Studies.