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Granny Made Me an Anarchist: General Franco, The Angry Brigade and Me

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by Stuart Christie

AK Press

2007, paperback

SKU: 9781904859659


Stuart Christie became Britain's most famous anarchist in 1964 when he was arrested for smuggling explosives in a plot to assassinate Spanish dictator, Francisco Franco. Charged with "Banditry and Terrorism," he served three years of his twenty-year sentence before international pressure (from Bertrand Russell and Jean Paul Sartre among many others), as well as a note from his Mum, secured his release. Five years later, he stood trial in London for alleged involvement with Britain's Angry Brigade, an urban guerrilla group, but was this time acquitted. He is the co-founder of Anarchist Black Cross, Black Flag magazine, and Cienfuegos Press. He currently publishes and distributes books and films through Christie Books.