Leo's Lavender Skirt

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by Irma Borges, illustrated by Francesco Fagnani


10/4/2022, hardcover

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A reflection about the traditions and divisions between boy and girl's clothing. Why can't we dress as we like?

Leo loves to wear costumes: pirate, superhero, knight... he also likes to put on a lavender skirt, but the day he decided to go out with it, someone mistakes him for a girl. He gets very angry. Can't a boy play and put on a skirt? Years ago, girls weren´t allowed to wear pants...

Target age: 4 to 7

About the Contributors:

Irma Borges work in the performing arts as an actress, playwright and director has been dedicated to children and young people. Some of her plays are published in drama anthologies. She has made puppets for all audiences, dramaturgy for circus and also adaptations of classics plays for theater. She is an oral storyteller and is passionate about reading. She combines her creative work with workshops for professionals in performing arts, education and people at risk of social exclusion.

Francesco Fanani After working as an author, cartoonist and illustrator for several magazines and newspapers such as Linus, Cuore, Il Manifesto, Il Clandestino or Baribal, dedicated himself to different fields of illustration, in particular to children and young adults illustrated books and educational or advertising campaigns.