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May the Earth Tremble at its Core

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by National Indigenous Congress, Zapatista Army of National Liberation, Subcomandante Insurgente Moises, Subcomandante Insurgente Galeano

El Rebozo Palapa Editorial

2017, bound booklet



"Destruction and death are the fuel for the great machine of Capital.

Attempts to 'rationalize' or 'humanize' its functioning were, are, and will be futile. Irrationality and inhumanity are its key parts. There is no possible repair (...) to mitigate its criminal path (...).

In the current world war, the dispute is between the system and humanity. That is why the anticapitalist struggle is a struggle for humanity.

Those who still try to 'repair' or 'save' the system are really proposing to us a mass global suicide, like a posthumous sacrifice to Power. In the system there is no solution. (...)

For all of these reasons, it is our obligation to protect life and dignity, that is, resistance and rebellion, from below and to the left, a task that can only be carried out collectively. We build rebellion from our small local assemblies that combine to form large communal assemblies and coalesce as agreements as peoples that unite us under one identity. In the process of sharing, learning, and constructing ourselves as the National Indigenous Congress, we see and feel our collective pain, discontent, and ancestral roots. (...)

For these reasons, in addition to what each of us can add from our particular calendars and geographies, we must resist, rebel, say 'no,' struggle, organize. That is why we must raise the wind from below with resistance and rebellion, with organization.

'When the storm calms, when the rain and fire leave the earth in peace once again, the world will no longer be the world, but something better.'" - From the back cover

Part of our collection of beautiful booklets from El Rebozo Palapa Editorial, in Oaxaca, Mexico.