Maroons: A Grievers Novel (Black Dawn)

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by adrienne maree brown

AK Press

2/14/2023, paperback

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A tale of survival, of moving beyond seemingly insurmountable devastation toward, if not hope itself, then the road to hope.

In the second installment of the Grievers trilogy, adrienne maree brown brings to bear her background as an activist rooted in Detroit. The pandemic of Syndrome H-8 continues to ravage the city of Detroit and everyone in Dune's life. In Maroons, she must learn what community and connection mean in the lonely wake of a fatal virus. Emerging from grief to follow a subtle path of small pleasures through an abandoned urban landscape, she begins finding other unlikely survivors with little in common but the will to live. Together they begin to piece together the puzzle of their survival, and that of the city itself.


"Brown’s sensational second contribution to AK Press’s Black Dawn series, which highlights works of radical speculative fiction, picks up where Grievers left off. The H-8 epidemic, which sends the infected into comas, has ravaged a near-future Detroit, leaving the city a ghost town. Still, series protagonist Dune remains, scavenging for supplies and seeking the possibility of human connection with other survivors even as an intense winter rages. On her wanderings, Dune crosses paths with remaining Detroiters who help her to redefine community and learn more about the virus. Grief, loneliness, connection, and a little bit of magic all work together to create a powerful metaphor for grassroots activism. Equally thrilling and thought-provoking, this will put readers in mind of speculative greats like Octavia Butler and Samuel R. Delaney."
—Publishers Weekly (★ starred review) 

"brown has crafted a spell that descends on the reader in the future present. And when the mist clears, we are enveloped in the creative practices of refusal, escape, and sovereignty--of Black fugitivity--that allow us to live outside of and beyond dominant narratives, and into the possible of who we are, who we love, how we sustain community." --Alexis De Veaux, author of Yabo

About the Author:

adrienne maree brown is a writer rooted in Detroit who now lives in Durham, NC. She is a student of the works of Octavia E. Butler and Ursula K. Le Guin. Maroons is her second novel. Her previous books include Octavia's Brood, Fables and SpellsEmergent Strategy, Pleasure Activism, We Will Not Cancel Us, and Holding Change, Her visionary fiction has appeared in The Funambulist, Harvard Design Review, and Dark Mountain.