Dead Theorists: A Card Game for Disillusioned Philosophers and Aspiring Academics

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by Michael Gibson-Light

Microcosm Publishing

9/22/2022, card game 5"x5"x2" box

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A satirical romp through academia's best ideas

In this turn-based card game, the ghosts of Simone De Beauvoir, W.E.B. Du Bois, Michel Foucault, and Karl Marx have returned from beyond the grave to complete a bit of unfinished business. Become the specter of one of these four great (but deceased) thinkers as you seek to recruit your last great protégé from the ranks of students on one college campus. But you’ve encountered two challenges you didn’t expect: First, the forces of neoliberalism have been hard at work dismantling the education system. It will be tough to train your final pupil from within today’s profit-oriented university. Second, you’ve got competition! Other spirits have also awoken and they’re dead set on halting your progress and advancing their own ghostly agendas.

Can you train your protégé in order to complete your unfinished business — and be the first one to do it?

Satirical, educational, and a ton of fun for battle-hardened academics and philosophical novices alike.

For 2-4 players, 30-45 minutes per game, and includes 81 cards and the rules in an attractive box set.