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Pop-Up Forest

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by Fleur Daugey, Illustrated by Tom Vaillant, with Bernard Duisit 

Thames & Hudson

3/7/2023, hardcover

SKU: 9780500653081


Have you ever wondered how trees grow? Did you know that the Amazon rainforest is considered the "lungs of the planet"? Pop-Up Forest tells you everything you've always wanted to know about forest ecosystems around the world with fact-packed text, lively and colorful illustrations--and pop- ups! Discover what happens when trees communicate with each other; the kinds of creatures that live in them; and what the Scandinavian legend of Yggdrasil has to do with all of this.

This fascinating book features detailed illustrations and stunning paper engineering for amateur biologists and nature lovers. Readers will delve deep beneath the root systems and climb up into the canopy to explore some of the oldest and most important trees alive. Anyone curious about how our forests work will be amazed!

Target age: 6 to 8

About the Contributors:

Fleur Daugey is a writer, journalist, and ethologist.

Tom Vaillant is an illustrator who lives in Strasbourg.

Bernard Duisit is a renowned paper engineer who has worked on dozens of pop-up and interactive books, including What's Up?This or That?, and Can You Keep a Straight Face?.