Military Strategy of Women and Children

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by Butch Lee


2003, paperback

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"Now, in this exploration, we are moving onto the ground of meta-politics. Wild, vast and more primal than the little, fenced-in suburban plots of what amerikkka calls “politics”. From the rape bordellos of the Balkans to the mass murder by AIDS in Afrika, women are being pushed to understand men’s society and, most importantly, ourselves, in a different way. The longest Amazon journey begins today." - from the Introduction

The Military Strategy of Women and Children lays out the need for an autonomous and independent women's revolutionary movement, a revolutionary women's culture that involves not only separating oneself from patriarchal imperialism, but also in confronting, opposing, and waging war against it by all means necessary. Of particular interest is Lee's critique of reformist "feminism", and her examination of how genocide, colonialism and patriarchy are intertwined, not only historically but also in the present.

The three main essays in this book appeared in slightly different form in the 1980s in the underground feminist newspaper Bottomfish Blues, while the postscript ("There's Fighting in Iraq but the Real Women'sWar is in Afrika") was written in 2003. They are the first parts of an ongoing work in progress—part four is published separately in the book Jailbreak Out of History

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About the Author:

Butch Lee has been described as the most astute white feminist currently writing in the United States—she is a longtime revolutionary, and co-author of Night-Vision: Illuminating War and Class on the Neo-Colonial Terrain.