Becoming Who We Are: Real Stories about Growing Up Trans

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Edited by Hazel Newlevant

Wave Blue World Inc.

6/4/2024, paperback

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Becoming who you are is a journey, and all journeys start somewhere.

In a collection of stories from across the spectrum of real-life experience, nine members of the trans community share their inspirational childhood stories. These are tales of questioning, affirming, transitioning, and growing up; courageous, gripping accounts from musicians, actors, teachers, scientists, forest rangers, and activists of how they overcame their unique challenges to become who they truly are.

Featuring work by Hazel Newlevant, Lilah Sturges, Cynthia Yuan Cheng, Kameron White, Sunmi, and many more!

Target age: 8 to 12

About the Editor:

Hazel Newlevant is a cartoonist and editor whose comics include If This Be Sin, Sugar Town, and No Ivy League. Hazel believes in the power of comics anthologies to showcase diverse perspectives and is also a (co-)editor of Chainmail Bikini: The Anthology of Women Gamers, Puerto Rico Strong, and Comics for Choice. Their work has been honored with the Ignatz Award, the Eisner Award, and the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant.