The Beautiful Something Else

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by Ash Van Otterloo

Scholastic Press

5/16/2023, hardcover

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Full of humor and heartbreak, this story about a nonbinary character navigating a binary world is perfect for fans of Alex Gino and Kyle Lukoff.

It's exhausting trying to be the perfect daughter. Still, getting good grades without making any waves may be the only way to distract from the fact that Sparrow Malone's mother is on the verge of falling apart. Which means no getting upset. No being weird. No standing out for the wrong reasons.

But when Mom's attempts to cope spiral out of control, Sparrow is sent to live with Aunt Mags on a sprawling estate full of interesting, colorful new neighbors. And for the first time, trying to fit in doesn't feel right anymore. Even Sparrow's shadow has stopped following the rules.

As Shadow nudges Sparrow to try all the scary, exciting things Mom has always forbidden, Sparrow begins to realize something life-changing: They don't feel like a girl. Or a boy. And while this discovery is exciting, now Sparrow must decide whether to tell everyone--their new family and friends, not-so-secret crush, and, most importantly, their mom--the truth, especially if it means things change forever.

Target age: 8 to 12


"An endearing celebration of the value of queer community and family." -- Alex Gino, Stonewall Award-winning author of Melissa 

"A character-driven novel that touches on navigating generational trauma, personal growth, and queer identity in circumstances both dire and abundantly safe." -- Publishers Weekly

About the Author:

Ash Van Otterloo is the author of Cattywampus. When they're not writing and freelance editing, they love gardening, hiking, exchanging playful banter, and collecting folklore stories. A longtime resident of the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, they now live in Washington with their family and an enormous collection of plants.