Princeless Volume 5: Make Yourself Part 1

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by Jeremy Whitley, Illustrated by Emily Martin, Brett Grunig and Alex Smith

Action Lab Entertainment

7/26/2016, paperback

SKU: 9781632291684


Adrienne and Bedelia are only a few sisters away from finishing their quest of rescuing Adrienne's sisters from their towers. Now comes one of their greatest challenges! Adrienne's older twin sisters Andrea and Antonia are locked deep within the treacherous mountains of The Rim. Adrienne will have to push deep into the bitter cold to get to them, but first she must face The Dragon Slayers. And Sparky the Dragon's quest to meet her mom will finally see break through, but somebody else on the team may be reunited with a family member they weren't expecting to see.

Target age: 9-12

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