Escaping Nature: How to Survive Global Climate Change

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by Orin H. Pilkey, with Charles O. Pilkey, Linda P. Pilkey-Jarvis, Norma J Longo, Keith C. Pilkey, Fred B. Dodson, and Hannah L. Hayes

Duke University Press

3/12/2024, paperback

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Industrial and agricultural greenhouse gas emissions are rapidly warming Earth's climate, unleashing rising seas, ocean acidification, melting permafrost, powerful storms, wildfires, floods, deadly heat waves, droughts, tsunamis, food shortages, and armed conflict over shrinking water supplies while reducing nutritional levels in crops. Billions of people will become climate refugees. Hotter temperatures will allow tropical diseases to spread into temperate regions. Higher levels of CO2, allergens, dust, and other particulate matter will impair our physical and mental health and even reduce our cognitive abilities. Climate change disproportionately affects the world's poor. It also harms Nature, and could ultimately trigger a sixth mass extinction.

In Escaping Nature, Orrin H. Pilkey and his coauthors offer concrete suggestions for how to respond to the threats posed by global climate change. They argue that while we wait for the world's governments to get serious about mitigating climate change we can adapt to a hotter world through technological innovations, behavioral changes, nature-based solutions, political changes, and education.


"On the challenge of wrapping our heads around climate change--and actually doing something about it. . . . An eminently sensible user's manual for saving the planet."-- "Kirkus"

"Escaping Nature provides an excellent overview of climate change consequences and suggestions on how to effectively deal with these challenges. This book is for all those who are seemingly overwhelmed by the complexity and confusion that the climate change news and debate generate. It could catch on like wildfire!"--Albert C. Hine, coauthor of "Sea Level Rise in Florida: Science, Impacts, and Options"

"Presenting a concise overview of the many calamities facing humanity, Escaping Nature offers suggestions to mitigate climate change on the social and personal levels. For the nonspecialist but interested citizen, this book will be their source of content for many discussions over dinner and among friends for years to come."--Joseph T. Kelley, coauthor of "The World's Beaches: A Global Guide to the Science of the Shoreline"

About the Contributors:

Orrin H. Pilkey is Emeritus James B. Duke Professor of Earth and Ocean Sciences at Duke University and the author and coauthor of many books.

Charles O. Pilkey is a former geologist turned freelance sculptor, writer, and illustrator.

Linda P. Pilkey-Jarvis is a geologist and coauthor with Orrin H. Pilkey of two books.

Norma J. Longo, a geologist and photographer, is coauthor with Pilkey of several books on coastal issues.

Keith C. Pilkey, an attorney concerned with legal issues of coastal development, is coauthor with Orrin H. Pilkey of two books about sea level rise.

Fred B. Dodson is a real estate developer who manages his organization's affordable housing development activities.

Hannah L. Hayes is a scholar of climate justice, sustainable development, and disaster capitalism.