What Fresh Hell Is This?: Perimenopause, Menopause, Other Indignities, and You

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by Heather Corrina

Hachette Go

6/1/2021, paperback

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What to Expect When You're Not Expected to Expect Anything Anymore

Did you see the title and flame-filled cover of this book, and did your weary, sweaty, confused, and exasperated soul scream, That one! That is the book for me!!? If so, I'd first like to extend my deepest sympathies, an ice pack, and some of these very helpful edibles. If it's three in the morning as you're reading this, as it may well be, you likely want those more than a book. But since I can't really give you the other stuff, I can at least offer you this book...

Perimenopause and menopause experiences are as unique as all of us who move through them. While there's no one-size-fits-all, Heather Corinna tells you what can happen and what you can do to take care of yourself, all the while busting pernicious myths, offering real self-care tips--the kind that won't break the bank or your soul--and running the gamut from hot flashes to hormone therapy. With big-tent, practical, clear information and support, and inclusive of so many who have long been left out of the discussion--people with disabilities; queer, transgender, nonbinary, and other gender-diverse people; BIPOC; working class and other folks-- What Fresh Hell Is This? is the cooling pillow and empathetic best friend to help you through the fire.


"What a relief--like a deep, calming exhale alongside a thunderous howl--to find this affirmation, information, solace, and nuanced and expansive guidance. What Fresh Hell Is This joins the small, but growing canon of work that is freeing these normal human experiences from the confining constructions of patriarchy and white supremacy so that maybe when my daughter is perimenopausal, everything contained here be common knowledge." -- Mia Birdsong, author of How We Show Up

"Perimenopause is like being in a car trying to drive with the handbrake on. There is nothing to do but sit with it, screeching and all. Heather Corinna has written an essential driver's manual for that screeching car. Their book is like a beloved friend who reaches into the car and releases the handbrake for you. Drive! Go! Liberation lies ahead!"-- Mona Eltahawy, author of The Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls

About the Author:

Heather Corinna is a dedicated queer feminist activist, author, educator, artist, teacher, organizer and innovator. They are the founder and director of Scarleteen (www.scarleteen.com), the first inclusive and comprehensive sex, sexuality and relationships education online clearinghouse for young people, founded in 1998. Heather is also the author of S.E.X: The All-You-Need-To-Know Sexuality Guide to Get You Through Your Teens and Twenties, now in its second edition, Wait, What? A Comic Book Guide to Relationships, Bodies and Growing Up with Isabella Rotman, and was a contributing editor for the last edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves. Their award-winning work in sex and health education has received acclaim from The Woodhull Foundation, Ms. Magazine, BUST, Bitch, On Our Backs, The New York Times, The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality and the ACLU, and has appeared in publications ranging from Teen Vogue to Rewire News Group to The GuardianHeather is navigating middle age with as much grace as they can muster (spoiler: not much), and currently lives and works in their hometown of Chicago.