Adicto a la Guerra: Por Qua El E.E.U.U. No Puede Librarse del Militarismo

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by Joel Andreas

AK Press

9/1/2005, paperback

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The first Spanish-language edition of the illustrated exposé of U.S. military policy, Addicted to War.

A hard-hitting illustrated expose of the world's most powerful and destructive military.   


Updates include Barack Obama's drone wars, Chelsea Manning and wikileaks, statistics on military spending;, and the ongoing costs and consequences of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


"I highly recommend [Addicted to War] to anyone who is interested in learning the truth about US wars."--Glenn Greenwald, author of No Place To Hide: Edward Snowden, The NSA and The U.S. Surveillance State

"This is the most important comic book ever written. . . . It is my hope that you read this book and pass it along to as many people as you can." --Woody Harrelson, actor

About the Author:

Joel Andreas wrote and illustrated The Incredible Rocky, the biting satire that introduced over 100,000 people to the unsavory activities of the Rockefeller family