The Over Privileged Human

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by Amanda R. Williams & Paislee House

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2023, paperback

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This outstanding book written by Amanda R. Williams and Paislee House truly captures what total liberation is: an interdependent global movement to fight against all forms of oppression and domination. One might add that total liberation is not about punishment. Yes, one might say that goes without saying because of the value of anarchism within total liberation. Conflictingly enough, many anarchists have promoted cancel culture, public shaming, intimidation, and punishment of the oppressor as well as those within the movement. Williams and Paislee advance the movement for total liberation by discussing the complexities of privilege rooted out of oppression. Oppressor privilege is grounded in domination and supremacy, without the two, oppressor privilege is not possible. This book is written beautifully in an accessible, storytelling, feminist, decolonizing manner and dives into an intersectional discussion on what oppressor privilege is and how to dismantle it.

About the Authors:

Amanda Williams is a nueroqueer scholar, author, and activist with a total-liberation orientation. A recognized scholar and board member of the Institute for Critical Animal Studies, they enjoy researching and writing on the connections between liberatory struggles and the roots of oppression. As a day job, Amanda is a data analyst for Austin Pets Alive!, one of the largest No Kill companion-animal rescues in the country. A mid-westerner through and through, you can catch them playing pool and birding in Central Wisconsin or spending time with their partner, Paislee, and companions: Reese, Tycho, Zinn, and Emma Goldkitten.  

Paislee House is a scholar-activist who graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a degree in history, specializing in American labor rights and environmental history. Since then, Paislee has retained a strong interest in anti-capitalist critique, total liberation, and technology. They currently reside in Central Wisconsin where they run the local radical book club. In their spare time, you can find them playing video games or guitar, hiking, and cooking some of the best vegan food around.