Alerta! Alerta!: Snapshots of Europe's Anti-Fascist Struggle

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by Patrick Strickland

AK Press

11/27/2018, paperback

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Journalist Patrick Strickland provides on-the-ground profiles of the unique characters involved in anti-fascist struggles in various countries across Europe. The left and its anti-authoritarian variants were fighting far-right populism and neo-Nazis long before the mainstream media became aware of such groups. Stickland bases his profiles in their historical context, explaining the roots and gains of the far-right, as well as the history of anti-fascist efforts and how they inform today's struggles.

Each profile, ranging from a 71-year-old grandmother armed with cans of spray paint to street-fighting youth, provides a window into the broader anti-fascist movement in each country, highlighting the creative tactics diverse individuals employ to fight hatred and white supremacy in their communities.

A very accessible, journalistic story of memorable individuals who are fighting the rise of fascism in Europe today, some of whom have been carrying on the struggle since World War 2. Given the contemporary growth of far-right forces in the US, Strickland frames his work as lessons in how American anti-fascists can resist resurgent forms of neo-fascism here by looking to Europe's rich history of anti-fascism as a broad-ranging cultural force.

About the Author:

Patrick Strickland is a journalist from Texas. He has reported from more than a dozen countries across the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and North America. He has worked as a reporter for Al Jazeera English and has written for a several publications, among them Vice News, In These Times, Middle East Eye, and others.