An Apple for Harriet Tubman

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by Glennette Tilley Turner, Illustrated by Susan Keeter

Albert Whitman & Company

2006, hardcover

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Like other enslaved African-American children, young Harriet Tubman had to work hard. In her master's orchard, she spent long hours picking the juicy apples she loved but was forbidden to eat. When she was grown, she made her escape to the North. Then, repeatedly risking her life, she returned to lead many other African-Americans to freedom.

Many people know about Harriet Tubman's courage and daring. But few know about her love for apples, and the freedom they symbolized.

Glennette Tilley Turner learned this previously untold story from Harriet Tubman's great-niece.


"The simplicity of Turner's telling does not take away from the power of the underlying issues of slavery, danger and the freedom represented by those apples. Keeter's richly colored illustrations capture the verdant landscape during Tubman's days of slavery and the deep blue of the night sky as she leads her people to safety. A satisfying addition to the already fascinating story." Kirkus Reviews

"The story, with its concrete details, works as both fact and metaphor, bring the transformation to full circle?from the scars of suffering to the fruit of freedom." Booklist

"This book is an excellent introduction to a complex topic, providing children with a way to make a personal connection with a girl whose life was very different from their own. It gives parents and teachers a starting point for discussions about slavery, race, freedom, and heroism." School Library Journal

"Her bravery is inspiring, but equally moving is the significance of an adult Harriet Tubman inviting people to share in the apples that she had grown. This emotional story is exceptionally well written and the colorful illustrations are wonderful." Children's Literature

"Children will connect with the young Harriet through this story and at the same time learn about her courageous life. Educators may integrate this story into any of their lessons on African-American history, biographies, or character education. This book is a fresh addition for young children to read and learn about Harriet Tubman." Library Media Connection