Are you ok?: Coronavirus 2019 Global Pandemic Feelings Workbook

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by Trickster Arts

December 2020, stitch bound booklet

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From Buffalo based Trickster Arts, this zine is full of journaling prompts to help you process and remember what the Covid pandemic has meant for you and your life. A good tool for self-reflection or to use for a sit-down with loved ones to take a look at what this past year has been like for all.

From the artist:

The opinions expressed in this zine are informed by my own experiences as an artist, journal-keeper and Highly Sensitive individual. I am not a medical or mental health professional. As I move through the world it is my natural operation to observe and reflect. Art and journaling help me to process the information and emotions that I encounter. It is my hope that this zine can assist others in processing the upheaval of norms and understanding their own complex emotions surrounding this time.