Armed Struggle In Italy 1976-78: A Chronology

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by S.I. Underground

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An incredible anthology. Not only was there an amazing amount of armed actions in Italy at this time, but those chronicled here (and there are 100s of them) were those carried out by autonomous/anarchist groups/affinity groups, not by the Red Brigades and other Leninist factions. As well as the detailed, annotated chronology, there's a contextual and historical introduction by Jean Weir, as well as several analytical articles published from the Italian anarchist press at the time.

"But there was another dimension present in the struggle at the end of the 70s, one consisting of autonomous actions carried out by affinity groups formed for the duration of the action itself. At the time when we first published this counter-information we did so in order to make known and extend the whole dimension of armed struggle, and for this reason we chose to limit our criticism of the forms that struggle took. In reprinting it today we are doing so with another aim: that of contributing to the struggle's qualitative development."