Back to Respect

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by Grimaldo Rengifo

El Rebozo Palapa Editorial

2017, bound booklet



Back to Respect speaks to us about the convergence of two cultures, a window into the encuentro of western culture and Andean culture of Peru and how they managed to dialogue and converse around schooling and education.

"Knowledge is transmitted from parents to children, be it by advise and oral narratives but also through the medium of tales and legends that tell the narratives, present or ancestral, of their peoples, mountains, watersprings, animals and plants."

As in so many other indigenous communities, the Andean communities continue to watch over mother earth, and nurture her as she nurtures us. They have resisted, defended and reaffirmed their millennial culture and in doing so, helped to heal one another from more than 500 years of oppression and forgetting.

Here, an invitation to ask ourselves: what culture and values have shaped our thoughts and alienated or subjugated our hearts? What do we need to recover? What culture do we want to respect?

Part of our collection of beautiful booklets from El Rebozo Palapa Editorial, in Oaxaca, Mexico.