Broke, Not Broken: Personal Finance for the Creative, Confused, Underpaid, and Overwhelmed

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by Anna Jo Beck

Microcosm Publishing


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A compassionate, friendly, and even fun book about personal finance for the overwhelmed. In a world with fewer and fewer economic guarantees, every bit of knowledge is powerful, so we can build the life we dream of, meet our basic needs, and develop a healthy relationship with money. For many of us, salaried work and even hourly wages aren't part of our financial picture; this book is for the self-employed, the entrepreneur, the creative, and the gig worker whose relationship with money isn't well covered by other books. Anna Jo Beck is your calm, friendly, and knowledgeable guide through the obstacle course of getting your funds, savings, spending, and debt in order. Hand-illustrated charts and worksheets mean you can start tackling your financial demons, building your safety net, and gaining confidence in your money and value right now.

About the Author:

Anna Jo Beck is an illustrator and magazine designer residing in Chicago, IL. Her work has been featured in The New Yorker, Chicago Reader, Boston Dig, and Netflix, as well as awarded by American Illustration. She is also authors the how-to zine series Biff Boff Bam Sock and is an organizer of the Chicago Zine Fest.